33 Seconds was a restrictive brief set by my University; in which we had to record something of our choosing, in a method of our choosing in exactly 33 seconds.

We then had to convert the data we had recorded into an A2 poster, using only Univers as a typeface, and no illustrations... the poster also had to fold.

I decided to record my emotions for 33 seconds whilst stood on a rooftop looking out at a building site. 

The poster was designed with 3 folds; the first fold represents me stood on the rooftop and my feelings whilst stood there.

"scared, weak, cold"

The next fold represented the building site I was looking at and the feelings I had towards that.

"unfamiliar, obstruction, rising"

The last fold represented Canary Wharf, the view in the distance beyond the building site.

"wealth, industry, grey"

The layout of the typography on each layer was then formatted to honour the wording; i.e. the words being positioned on the edge for where I was stood on the roof, the words representing the building site being messy, and the words representing Canary Wharf being uniformed.
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