For this project I designed a brand identity for a City of Culture, for which I selected Brighton and Hove. Visual story telling techniques were employed, whilst also creating an identity that's flexible in its application. 

The theme of sea breeze and flags was used, thinking about what they represent in terms of freedom and pride, qualities synonymous with Brighton and Hove's culture. 

Using the theme of sea breeze, a visual system was designed, in which text was manipulated by wind, this was first tested by printing onto material, and then developed into creating animations replicating this effect on Cinema 4D. 

By pausing the wind struck text at different frames, the visual system is capable of making an identity in which some components are constant, whilst others are variable. The identity works as digital animations, to be applied to online content, however also
event posters, brochures and business cards were created by pausing an animation in which the information blew in the ‘sea breeze’, showing how an animated identity, can also work in print form.

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